Building on Your Success,

From simple shop-and-go to custom-designed services, we efficiently mobilize our expertise to meet your business needs.

A boutique business consulting house

Here at Emakase, consulting is not just a service, but an experience.
Founded in 2022, Emakase is a business and innovation consulting house seeks to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and their prospective ventures.

What we do

Through our team of experts, we deliver 3 main pillars of services.

We provide more than just a one-time solution

Here at Emakase, consulting is not just a service, but an experience.
1. 360-degree business diagnosis
Learning solely about the problems is not enough. We seek to understand your business to the fullest, most comprehensive way possible.
2. Tailored design services
Through the comprehensive diagnostic process, we tailor-make your own business-centric scopes and services.
3. Master-plan the consulting execution
Our team will map out an extensive consultation route and perform closed-up quality control throughout the process.
4. Solutions delivery & result measurements
Involve in a hand-to-hand consulting process with our experts to unfold your inquiry and directly measure the results.

Great solutions create great impact

Customer-centric at Heart
From realizing your problem to building your solution, our business' sole focus is you.
Established Expertise
Each of our expert has more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields.
Local Insights
We provide in-depth understanding and connection to the local market resources.
Global Delivery
Our results are realistic, measurable, and scale to global standard.
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